Moving-Living-Being SEQUENCE Art Exhibition


Hadieh Afshani

December 12, 2019 – January 19, 2020

Wednesday – Saturday:  10am – 6pm

Crossing Art is pleased to announce: Moving – Living – Being Sequence , a solo exhibition featuring the series of artworks by Iran-born artist Hadieh Afshani. By utilizing painting as a contemplative vehicle, Afshani’s creative exploration focuses on the notion of a place: what does become your living place, after you are constantly changing spaces? What is moving and what is being? In order to differentiate a place and a space, Afshani borrows the definition outlined by Yi-Fu Tuan in Space and Place (2001) — a place is the center of felt value where biological needs, such as those for food, water, rest, and procreation, are established; a space is more abstract and allows movement, whereas place is paused.


Moving Living Being Sequence Art Exhibition-Hadieh Afshani

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