Reflection on the self is something I have always found valuable. In the context of my studio works, this interest has led to something akin to a visual diary in painting and drawing mostly. The works visually record my story as a woman with an eastern/Persian view of all her experiences. This story is based on my immigration more than a decade ago. Since relocating to Australia, my art practice has focused on the experiences of immigration/transplantation and the subsequent absence/presence of people, places, and emotions in my life. This journey is not just from one place to another, but rather a journey of identity, of replacement, and the process of becoming familiar with, and finding of one’s self in, a new and unknown place. Therefore, I have started to depict the places and spaces I have lived in to convey this experience.

The spaces I depict are intimate. I have examined the spaces my body has occupied and focused on the interiors of the spaces in which I have lived, with an emphasis on the liminal zones within those spaces: doorways, hallways, and windows. These liminal zones parallel the transition of migration and moving from one set of personal, cultural and political circumstances to another.