Thursday Class

art classes. This comprehensive approach guides students to develop their skills of drawing and painting as well as improving the creative thinking to equip students to approach their own vision and aesthetics. Hadieh has been teaching art for almost a decade to different age students. She has been teaching at Griffith University in Australia at fine art, graphic design and animation departments as well as different art institute and galleries in Australia, California and recently NYC, to adults, youth and kids. She has practiced art and went to different art classes, universities around the world and exhibited and won art awards internationally. She learnt the art theory and practical skills in different art class system such as academic art universities, Atelier classes and also mentored with many great artists in their studios for years. These experiences helped Hadieh to compare and contrast different methods of teaching art to different age students and gradually develop her own method of teaching. This method is quite flexible according to the needs and goals of individual students and proved to work. It has received many positive comments from students over the years.

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